32500000 front Pa first training PK Balotelli

Worth up to 29 million pounds Brazilian striker Phil popular Camino, recently returned from vacation, the official attended the Liverpool flight training field training, with him to join the Red Army’s training camp, as well as just the price to 32.5 million pounds Transfers from the Belgian front Pa Bent, Liverpool two total worth of up to 61.5 million pounds in the double star finally return train together.

In an interview with Liverpool’s official website, Phil Mino said they would adapt to the Premiership football rhythm as quickly as possible. “There is no doubt that I played five years in Germany, where the football and the Premier League is very similar. The only difference is that the Premier League is more intense confrontation that. So I am very confident that we can adapt to football here, play high level. ”

Phil Miner says: “For me, Liverpool is a very good chance that this is my first big club effectiveness, this is a huge stage to prove their strength, although our team is very young. But there are a lot of experienced players and the power to send, where everyone will do our best to win the game. “Phil Mino said in conclusion.

In Thursday’s training, 32.5 million of the Turk front Pa Balotelli training together, the Belgian front Pa looks with his new teammates get along well, although the relationship between the competitors, but The Turk and Balotelli will be together very well against the training, sometimes frolicking.